Erfahrungsberichte, wie Mütter meine Begleitung bei der Geburt erlebt haben

Wie wurde die Geburtsbegleitung mit Doula Claudia empfunden? Eltern geben mir feedback
Eltern berichten / Testimonials

J.: Liebe Claudia, gerade ist mir die CD mit den vielen Bildern von F.s Geburt am xx.xx.2012 in L. in die Hände gekommen und hat mir wieder dieses überwältigende Erlebnis ins Gedächtnis gerufen. Er ist mittlerweile vier Jahre alt und ein richtig kleiner Schlingel 😉, der uns viel Freude macht. Viele liebe Grüße

V. : Dear Claudia, we would like to thank you for your support during labor and for your patience also.

We loved having you there with us and could have not done it without you.
We also love all the photos. You captured some very special moments. 

A. : Liebe Claudia!

Vielen Dank für Deinen Beistand bei der Geburt unserer

süssen Tochter! Herzliche Grüsse 

N.: Dear Claudia, thank you very much for your wonderful support and care!

The photos and video of the birth are also great. 

A.: Hi Claudia,

My daughter is turning 5 in a few weeks and I was thinking back to her birth in M., and remembering you.

I feel truly blessed to have had you by my side for the birth.

I think this is one of the big reasons I had such an incredible and empowering experience. I wanted to say THANK YOU so much for your support - it still has such an impact on me 5 years later.

S. : I can’t imagine what we would have done without Claudia at the birth of our daughter. I was very apprehensive about the birth of my first child, and as my mother is no longer with us I wasn’t able to ask mum for advice and support about the birth. I was also giving birth in Germany as an ex-pat with basic German and was panicking about language barriers in the hospital.


Claudia and I met twice prior to the birth and she answered all my questions, even the daft ones! I felt much more at ease after preparing with Claudia, and I also practiced and used her hypno-birthing techniques which I felt made me much more relaxed during what turned out to be a very long, but thankfully complication-free labour.


Claudia came to the hospital and slept in the bed next to me as my contractions progressed through the night and made me feel at ease. She was able to provide some much needed support to my husband who was understandably exhausted after 30-plus hours of labour and no sleep, and actually I was quite happy sometimes when he went out and left us ladies alone to just get through it together – as a fellow mum, Claudia knew what I was going through in a way no man could possibly understand!


I was very uncomfortable with the first midwife I was assigned – a very cold German lady – and with Claudia’s support I asked for a new midwife, who thankfully was absolutely lovely. Without Claudia I may not have had the confidence to demand a midwife I felt comfortable with.


As the intense phase started Claudia rubbed my back, got me water, kept me calm, advised me on how long she thought things would take, reassured me that things were progressing normally and also supported me against the medical staff when I wanted to decline a couple of their interventions that I felt were unnecessary, and it turned out I was right as baby came shortly later.


She stayed with me afterwards as we got to meet our daughter for the first time and she documented the whole hour after birth on the camera – the most wonderful memories that without her we would never have had as the last thing we felt like doing was taking pictures as we were getting to know our little girl. She stayed with me as baby latched on for the first time and reassured me that all was ok, and then just as it was the right time she left us alone to be a little family for the first time.


I cannot recommend this wonderful lady enough.